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"Fill it up!”

When most people hear that phrase, they usually think of the corner gas station and a few gallons of high octane. To commercial real estate owners, however, those words often make them think of their property and Doug Bean & Associates, Inc. As successful Owner Representatives, the professionals at DBA, Inc. know how to fill it up with rent paying tenants.

We work hard to protect the long-term interests of property owners by (1) Filling up a building as quickly as possible, (2) Creating an effective stacking plan, (3) Negotiating the highest market-driven rental rates and (4) Negotiating the least obtrusive lease concession packages.

Owner Representation is one of several services offered by DBA, Inc. Since 1987, we have built a solid reputation on honesty, integrity and customer service. We are extremely knowledgeable about the market and are highly experienced in all areas of commercial real estate. DBA, Inc. has represented pension funds, insurance companies, off-shore trading companies, family trusts and local and regional REITs. We have many long term relationships with owners and clients.

Our many successes in Owner Representation are based on preparation, positioning and promotion. Preparation: We analyze a building’s tenant mix, rental rates and tenant improvement packages. We conduct a physical audit of the building and compare the results to competitive buildings in the market. Positioning: We develop a strategy to maximize the property owner’s goals and objectives. Promote: We launch a focused marketing campaign to advertise the building among brokers locally, as well as nationally.

We work closely with several professional associations, including IDRC (International Development Research Council) and IFMA (Institute of Facility Management Association). We also work with SIOR (Society of Industrial and Office Realtors) and COMP, a group of independent commercial real estate brokers in Portland.

Most importantly, whether it’s a downtown office complex or a suburban warehouse, we know how to fill it up to maximize the property owner’s rental income.