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What is the key to successful Property & Asset Management?

In a word:   Service, Service, Service.

At Doug Bean & Associates, Inc., we practically wrote the book on Property & Asset Management. We provide third-party management services for office, retail, industrial and flex properties.

Our experience and expertise in providing these services simply cannot be overstated. Our staff has managed millions of square feet in some of the largest real estate markets in the country. In the Portland area, we have experienced staff that has managed some of the city’s premier high rise buildings, in addition to many other types of properties.

What do we do? We maximize the value of a client’s property by (1) preserving assets, (2) reducing costs, and (3) tenant retention. Assets: Our expert staff handles all maintenance issues, tenant requests, inquiries and problems. Clients benefit from our expertise in construction management and our ability to provide low cost value engineering. Costs: We make sure that a client’s building is running as efficiently as possible. We know the market and we know how much (or how little) a client should be paying for contracted services such as janitorial, security and landscaping. We go after competitive bids and review all contracts on at least a yearly basis.

In addition, our staff aggressively seeks out other, more creative ways to reduce costs for property owners such as little-known federal energy tax credits. Tenants: One of the most important things we do for property owners is provide effective tenant retention programs. These, of course, result in increased revenue for the property owner. We respond quickly and efficiently to tenant concerns. We work hard to keep tenants happy with their current space. Besides making sure that the “sticks and bones” of the buildings are in good working order, we frequently do some fun things for tenants. For example, tenant employees have been greeted by free coffee and doughnuts on a dreary Monday morning, ice cream on a hot summer afternoon, piano concerts in the lobby, bookfairs, and “neighborhood” newsletters – all aimed at creating satisfied tenants.

For the owner, we oversee and manage every detail concerning their asset. This includes such things as lease negotiations: collection of deposits and receivables; and lease administration, real estate taxes, in-depth monthly reporting, insurance policies and vendor contracts.

The bottom line: We manage properties and assets as if they were our own.

Now that’s service, service, service!